Slate Plank with Lake Trout Fillet

Slate Planked Lake Trout

Most fish and seafood connoisseurs will agree that a salmon fillet grilled on a cedar plank is downright delicious. So, what do you do when you’re eight portages and roughly twelve miles into the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness before you realize that you forgot to pack the cedar planks? Why you improvise, of course! […]

Outdoor Ap on phone

10 Must-Try Outdoor Apps

Lately it seems like it happens a lot. I’m out enjoying the satisfying crunch of hard gravel, dried leaves or icy snow under my boots on the trail. The peaceful babbling of a shallow brook begs me to follow as it tumbles over drenched boulders and winds around broad-trunked trees. The insane serenity of a […]

2021 … What Path Will You Follow?

In many ways … In many minds … In many households … Covid-19 spoiled 2020. It took us by surprise, caused us to lose our sense of direction (along with a sense of smell and taste for some), tripped us up, and then kicked mud all over us. But not every path the Corona Virus […]

Yosemite Falls

What National Park Did Parker Park Himself In This Time?

By now you’re probably well aware of Parker Flatly’s obsession with America’s National Parks. One of the very first National Parks that he ever parked himself in was this incredibly beautiful place nearly 1,900 miles from his home in Minnesota. Take in the pictures and follow the clues to see if the info can help […]