Yosemite Falls

What National Park Did Parker Park Himself In This Time?

By now you’re probably well aware of Parker Flatly’s obsession with America’s National Parks. One of the very first National Parks that he ever parked himself in was this incredibly beautiful place nearly 1,900 miles from his home in Minnesota. Take in the pictures and follow the clues to see if the info can help […]

Where Is Parker Parked to Wish You a White Christmas?

Bing Crosby croons about one. Most kids (and even a few adults) dream about one. The North Pole ALWAYS has one. Yes, there’s something special about a White Christmas. And since it’s that time of the year again, Parker Flatly is stepping in front of the camera to deliver a special Holiday Greeting just for […]

Key West Sunset at Mallory Square

Where Is Parker Parked? (Volume #6)

When the calendar barely reads November and the temperature in my home state is already struggling to reach 20 degrees F, it’s time to think about a warm weather winter vacation destination. If you don’t want to leave the U.S., your December to March options are somewhat limited. But in a recent survey, this small, […]