Wooden U.S.A. Map from Howdy Owl

Looking to Commemorate Your Vacation? Say “Howdy Owl!”

The curse of  “souvenir fascination” started as a young kid. The location … Treasure City on Highway 10 in Royalton, Minnesota. (I’m pretty sure Etsy and Howdy Owl didn’t even exist yet!) Mom packed sandwiches, drinks and apples and we’d stop at the picnic area behind the gaudy, overwhelmingly smothering gift shop for lunch. It […]

Art Gallery Quality from a Phone? Ya, You Betcha!

***Wall Hangable Nature Photos from Canvas On Sale***    Some days I have to ask myself, “Is this thing a phone or a camera?” Since I prefer to travel light on most of my trips, the answer to that question is a resounding, “BOTH!” My Samsung S8 has an incredible built-in camera that now has […]

A Page Out Of Yellowstone

My 2¢-Worth Book Review of Back of Beyond, by C.J. Box (I try to park my butt outdoors for at least a little while every single day. But January and February in Minnesota can bring some bitterly cold spells where the weather just screams, “Stay inside and read!” When that happens, sometimes I actually listen. […]