Yosemite Falls

What National Park Did Parker Park Himself In This Time?

By now you’re probably well aware of Parker Flatly’s obsession with America’s National Parks. One of the very first National Parks that he ever parked himself in was this incredibly beautiful place nearly 1,900 miles from his home in Minnesota. Take in the pictures and follow the clues to see if the info can help […]

Great Smoky Mountains National Park sunset

Where is Parker Parked?: Volume #4

Even though I call the land of 10,000 lakes my true home, I still get the urge to find new places to explore whenever I get the chance. This adventure took me on a 2-hour plane ride, followed by about a 4-hour car ride to reach my final destination. At the end of the day, […]

Where is Parker Parked? (Volume #3)

This amazing place is near and dear to my heart. I’ve made over a dozen pilgrimages here over the last 40 years, but no 2 have even come close to being the same. Despite all of the visits, there is so much more beauty to be uncovered within the boundaries of this special spot in […]